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net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::presentation::script::Mmultiscripts Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::presentation::script::Mmultiscripts:

net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::presentation::script::AbstractScriptElement org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLMultiScriptsElement net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::AbstractJEuclidElement org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLPresentationElement net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::JEuclidElement org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLElement org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLElement net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::JEuclidNode net::sourceforge::jeuclid::layout::LayoutableNode net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::JEuclidNode

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Detailed Description

Prescripts and Tensor Indices.


Definition at line 45 of file Mmultiscripts.java.

Public Member Functions

final void addMathElement (final MathMLElement child)
void changeHook ()
boolean dispatchEvent (final Event evt)
JEuclidElement getBase ()
LayoutContext getChildLayoutContext (final int childNum, final LayoutContext context)
List< LayoutableNodegetChildrenToDraw ()
List< LayoutableNodegetChildrenToLayout ()
String getClassName ()
MathMLNodeList getContents ()
Font getFont (final LayoutContext context)
FontMetrics getFontMetrics (final Graphics2D g, final LayoutContext context)
String getHref ()
String getId ()
int getIndexOfMathElement (final JEuclidElement element)
String getMathbackground ()
String getMathcolor ()
int getMathElementCount ()
String getMathElementStyle ()
String getMathsize ()
String getMathvariant ()
MathVariant getMathvariantAsVariant ()
float getMiddleShift (final Graphics2D g, final LayoutContext context)
int getNumprescriptcolumns ()
int getNumscriptcolumns ()
MathMLMathElement getOwnerMathElement ()
JEuclidElement getParent ()
MathMLNodeList getPrescripts ()
MathMLElement getPreSubScript (int colIndex)
MathMLElement getPreSubScript (final int colIndex)
MathMLElement getPreSuperScript (int colIndex)
MathMLElement getPreSuperScript (final int colIndex)
MathMLNodeList getScripts ()
MathMLElement getSubScript (int colIndex)
MathMLElement getSubScript (final int colIndex)
String getSubscriptshift ()
MathMLElement getSuperScript (int colIndex)
MathMLElement getSuperScript (final int colIndex)
String getSuperscriptshift ()
String getSuperscriptshift ()
String getText ()
String getXref ()
boolean hasChildPostscripts (final JEuclidElement child, LayoutContext context)
boolean hasChildPostscripts (final JEuclidElement child, final LayoutContext context)
boolean hasChildPrescripts (final JEuclidElement child)
MathMLElement insertPreSubScriptBefore (int colIndex, MathMLElement newScript) throws DOMException
MathMLElement insertPreSubScriptBefore (final int colIndex, final MathMLElement newScript)
MathMLElement insertPreSuperScriptBefore (int colIndex, MathMLElement newScript) throws DOMException
MathMLElement insertPreSuperScriptBefore (final int colIndex, final MathMLElement newScript)
MathMLElement insertSubScriptBefore (int colIndex, MathMLElement newScript) throws DOMException
MathMLElement insertSubScriptBefore (final int colIndex, final MathMLElement newScript)
MathMLElement insertSuperScriptBefore (int colIndex, MathMLElement newScript) throws DOMException
MathMLElement insertSuperScriptBefore (final int colIndex, final MathMLElement newScript)
void layoutStage1 (LayoutView view, LayoutInfo info, LayoutStage childMinStage, LayoutContext context)
void layoutStage1 (final LayoutView view, final LayoutInfo info, final LayoutStage childMinStage, final LayoutContext context)
void layoutStage2 (LayoutView view, LayoutInfo info, LayoutContext context)
void layoutStage2 (final LayoutView view, final LayoutInfo info, final LayoutContext context)
 Mmultiscripts ()
void setBase (MathMLElement base)
void setBase (final MathMLElement base)
void setClassName (String className)
void setClassName (final String className)
void setFakeParent (final JEuclidElement parent)
void setHref (String href)
void setHref (final String href)
void setId (String id)
void setId (final String id)
void setMathbackground (final String mathbackground)
void setMathcolor (final String mathcolor)
void setMathElementStyle (String mathElementStyle)
void setMathElementStyle (final String mathElementStyle)
void setMathsize (final String mathsize)
void setMathvariant (final String mathvariant)
MathMLElement setPreSubScriptAt (int colIndex, MathMLElement newScript) throws DOMException
MathMLElement setPreSubScriptAt (final int colIndex, final MathMLElement newScript)
MathMLElement setPreSuperScriptAt (int colIndex, MathMLElement newScript) throws DOMException
MathMLElement setPreSuperScriptAt (final int colIndex, final MathMLElement newScript)
MathMLElement setSubScriptAt (int colIndex, MathMLElement newScript) throws DOMException
MathMLElement setSubScriptAt (final int colIndex, final MathMLElement newScript)
void setSubscriptshift (String subscriptshift)
void setSubscriptshift (final String subscriptshift)
MathMLElement setSuperScriptAt (int colIndex, MathMLElement newScript) throws DOMException
MathMLElement setSuperScriptAt (final int colIndex, final MathMLElement newScript)
void setSuperscriptshift (String superscriptshift)
void setSuperscriptshift (final String superscriptshift)
void setXref (String xref)
void setXref (final String xref)

Static Public Attributes

static final String ATTR_CLASS = "class"
static final String ATTR_DEPRECATED_BACKGROUND = "background"
static final String ATTR_DEPRECATED_COLOR = "color"
static final String ATTR_DEPRECATED_FONTFAMILY = "fontfamily"
static final String ATTR_DEPRECATED_FONTSIZE = "fontsize"
static final String ATTR_DEPRECATED_FONTSTYLE = "fontstyle"
static final String ATTR_DEPRECATED_FONTWEIGHT = "fontweight"
static final String ATTR_HREF = "xlink:href"
static final String ATTR_ID = "id"
static final String ATTR_MATHBACKGROUND = "mathbackground"
static final String ATTR_MATHCOLOR = "mathcolor"
static final String ATTR_MATHSIZE = "mathsize"
static final String ATTR_MATHVARIANT = "mathvariant"
static final String ATTR_STYLE = "style"
static final String ATTR_SUBSCRIPTSHIFT = "subscriptshift"
static final String ATTR_SUPERSCRIPTSHIFT = "superscriptshift"
static final String ATTR_XREF = "xref"
static final String ELEMENT = "mmultiscripts"
static final int TRIVIAL_SPACE_MAX = 0x20
static final String URI = "http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML"

Protected Member Functions

LayoutContext applyLocalAttributesToContext (final LayoutContext context)
String getMathAttribute (final String attrName, final boolean useDefault)
String getMathAttribute (final String attrName)
JEuclidElement getMathElement (final int index)
void layoutStageInvariant (final LayoutView view, final LayoutInfo info, final LayoutStage stage, final LayoutContext context)
Node newNode ()
void setDefaultMathAttribute (final String key, final String value)
void setMathElement (final int index, final MathMLElement newElement)

Package Functions

String getSubscriptshift ()

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Member Functions

ScriptSupport.ShiftInfo calculateTotalShift (final LayoutView view, final LayoutStage stage, final LayoutInfo baseInfo, final LayoutContext now, final String subScriptshift, final String superScriptshift)
void parseChildren ()
void rewriteChildren ()

Private Attributes

boolean inRewriteChildren
final List< JEuclidElementpostsubscripts = new ArrayList<JEuclidElement>()
final List< JEuclidElementpostsuperscripts = new ArrayList<JEuclidElement>()
final List< JEuclidElementpresubscripts = new ArrayList<JEuclidElement>()
final List< JEuclidElementpresuperscripts = new ArrayList<JEuclidElement>()

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 1L
static final int STATE_POSTSUB = 0
static final int STATE_POSTSUPER = 1
static final int STATE_PRESUB = 2
static final int STATE_PRESUPER = 3

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