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net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::presentation::table::Mtable Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::presentation::table::Mtable:

net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::presentation::table::AbstractTableElement org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLTableElement net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::presentation::AbstractContainer org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLPresentationElement net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::AbstractJEuclidElement org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLPresentationContainer org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLElement net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::JEuclidElement org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLPresentationElement org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLContainer org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLElement net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::JEuclidNode net::sourceforge::jeuclid::layout::LayoutableNode org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLElement net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::JEuclidNode

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Detailed Description

This class presents a table.


Definition at line 62 of file Mtable.java.

Public Types

enum  LineType { NONE, SOLID, DASHED }

Public Member Functions

final void addMathElement (final MathMLElement child)
void deleteArgument (int index) throws DOMException
void deleteArgument (final int index)
void deleteDeclaration (int index) throws DOMException
void deleteDeclaration (final int index)
void deleteRow (long index) throws DOMException
void deleteRow (final long index)
void deleteRow (final int index)
boolean dispatchEvent (final Event evt)
String getAlign ()
String getAlignmentscope ()
MathMLElement getArgument (int index) throws DOMException
MathMLElement getArgument (final int index)
MathMLNodeList getArguments ()
LayoutContext getChildLayoutContext (final int childNum, final LayoutContext context)
List< LayoutableNodegetChildrenToDraw ()
List< LayoutableNodegetChildrenToLayout ()
String getClassName ()
String getColumnalign ()
String getColumnalign ()
String getColumnlines ()
String getColumnspacing ()
String getColumnwidth ()
MathMLNodeList getContents ()
MathMLDeclareElement getDeclaration (int index) throws DOMException
MathMLDeclareElement getDeclaration (final int index)
MathMLNodeList getDeclarations ()
String getDisplaystyle ()
String getEqualcolumns ()
String getEqualrows ()
Font getFont (final LayoutContext context)
FontMetrics getFontMetrics (final Graphics2D g, final LayoutContext context)
String getFrame ()
String getFramespacing ()
String getGroupalign ()
String getGroupalign ()
String getHref ()
String getId ()
int getIndexOfMathElement (final JEuclidElement element)
String getMathbackground ()
String getMathcolor ()
int getMathElementCount ()
String getMathElementStyle ()
String getMathsize ()
String getMathvariant ()
MathVariant getMathvariantAsVariant ()
float getMiddleShift (final Graphics2D g, final LayoutContext context)
String getMinlabelspacing ()
int getNArguments ()
MathMLMathElement getOwnerMathElement ()
JEuclidElement getParent ()
MathMLTableRowElement getRow (long index)
MathMLTableRowElement getRow (final long index)
MathMLTableRowElement getRow (final int index)
String getRowalign ()
String getRowalign ()
String getRowlines ()
MathMLNodeList getRows ()
String getRowspacing ()
String getSide ()
String getText ()
String getWidth ()
String getXref ()
boolean hasChildPostscripts (final JEuclidElement child, LayoutContext context)
boolean hasChildPostscripts (final JEuclidElement child, final LayoutContext context)
boolean hasChildPrescripts (final JEuclidElement child)
MathMLElement insertArgument (MathMLElement newArgument, int index) throws DOMException
MathMLElement insertArgument (final MathMLElement newArgument, final int index)
MathMLDeclareElement insertDeclaration (MathMLDeclareElement newDeclaration, int index) throws DOMException
MathMLDeclareElement insertDeclaration (final MathMLDeclareElement newDeclaration, final int index)
MathMLLabeledRowElement insertEmptyLabeledRow (long index) throws DOMException
MathMLLabeledRowElement insertEmptyLabeledRow (final long index)
MathMLLabeledRowElement insertEmptyLabeledRow (final int index)
MathMLTableRowElement insertEmptyRow (long index) throws DOMException
MathMLTableRowElement insertEmptyRow (final long index)
MathMLTableRowElement insertEmptyRow (final int index)
MathMLTableRowElement insertRow (long index, MathMLTableRowElement newRow) throws DOMException
MathMLTableRowElement insertRow (final long index, final MathMLTableRowElement newRow)
MathMLTableRowElement insertRow (final int index, final MathMLTableRowElement newRow)
void layoutStage1 (LayoutView view, LayoutInfo info, LayoutStage childMinStage, LayoutContext context)
void layoutStage1 (final LayoutView view, final LayoutInfo info, final LayoutStage childMinStage, final LayoutContext context)
void layoutStage2 (LayoutView view, LayoutInfo info, LayoutContext context)
void layoutStage2 (final LayoutView view, final LayoutInfo info, final LayoutContext context)
void layoutStageInvariant (final LayoutView view, final LayoutInfo info, final LayoutStage stage, final LayoutContext context)
 Mtable ()
MathMLElement removeArgument (int index) throws DOMException
MathMLElement removeArgument (final int index)
MathMLDeclareElement removeDeclaration (int index) throws DOMException
MathMLDeclareElement removeDeclaration (final int index)
MathMLTableRowElement removeRow (long index) throws DOMException
MathMLTableRowElement removeRow (final long index)
MathMLTableRowElement removeRow (final int index)
void setAlign (String align)
void setAlign (final String align)
void setAlignmentscope (String alignmentscope)
void setAlignmentscope (final String alignmentscope)
MathMLElement setArgument (MathMLElement newArgument, int index) throws DOMException
MathMLElement setArgument (final MathMLElement newArgument, final int index)
void setClassName (String className)
void setClassName (final String className)
void setColumnalign (String columnalign)
void setColumnalign (final String columnalign)
void setColumnlines (String columnlines)
void setColumnlines (final String columnlines)
void setColumnspacing (String columnspacing)
void setColumnspacing (final String columnspacing)
void setColumnwidth (String columnwidth)
void setColumnwidth (final String columnwidth)
MathMLDeclareElement setDeclaration (MathMLDeclareElement newDeclaration, int index) throws DOMException
MathMLDeclareElement setDeclaration (final MathMLDeclareElement newDeclaration, final int index)
void setDisplaystyle (String displaystyle)
void setDisplaystyle (final String displaystyle)
void setEqualcolumns (String equalcolumns)
void setEqualcolumns (final String equalcolumns)
void setEqualrows (String equalrows)
void setEqualrows (final String equalrows)
void setFakeParent (final JEuclidElement parent)
void setFrame (String frame)
void setFrame (final String frame)
void setFramespacing (String framespacing)
void setFramespacing (final String framespacing)
void setGroupalign (String groupalign)
void setGroupalign (final String groupalign)
void setHref (String href)
void setHref (final String href)
void setId (String id)
void setId (final String id)
void setMathbackground (final String mathbackground)
void setMathcolor (final String mathcolor)
void setMathElementStyle (String mathElementStyle)
void setMathElementStyle (final String mathElementStyle)
void setMathsize (final String mathsize)
void setMathvariant (final String mathvariant)
void setMinlabelspacing (String minlabelspacing)
void setMinlabelspacing (final String minlabelspacing)
MathMLTableRowElement setRow (long index, MathMLTableRowElement newRow) throws DOMException
MathMLTableRowElement setRow (final long index, final MathMLTableRowElement newRow)
MathMLTableRowElement setRow (final int index, final MathMLTableRowElement newRow)
void setRowalign (String rowalign)
void setRowalign (final String rowalign)
void setRowlines (String rowlines)
void setRowlines (final String rowlines)
void setRowspacing (String rowspacing)
void setRowspacing (final String rowspacing)
void setSide (String side)
void setSide (final String side)
void setWidth (String width)
void setWidth (final String width)
void setXref (String xref)
void setXref (final String xref)

Static Public Attributes

static final String ATTR_CLASS = "class"
static final String ATTR_DEPRECATED_BACKGROUND = "background"
static final String ATTR_DEPRECATED_COLOR = "color"
static final String ATTR_DEPRECATED_FONTFAMILY = "fontfamily"
static final String ATTR_DEPRECATED_FONTSIZE = "fontsize"
static final String ATTR_DEPRECATED_FONTSTYLE = "fontstyle"
static final String ATTR_DEPRECATED_FONTWEIGHT = "fontweight"
static final String ATTR_HREF = "xlink:href"
static final String ATTR_ID = "id"
static final String ATTR_MATHBACKGROUND = "mathbackground"
static final String ATTR_MATHCOLOR = "mathcolor"
static final String ATTR_MATHSIZE = "mathsize"
static final String ATTR_MATHVARIANT = "mathvariant"
static final String ATTR_STYLE = "style"
static final String ATTR_XREF = "xref"
static final String ELEMENT = "mtable"
static final int TRIVIAL_SPACE_MAX = 0x20
static final String URI = "http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML"

Protected Member Functions

LayoutContext applyLocalAttributesToContext (final LayoutContext context)
void changeHook ()
String getMathAttribute (final String attrName, final boolean useDefault)
String getMathAttribute (final String attrName)
JEuclidElement getMathElement (final int index)
Node newNode ()
void setDefaultMathAttribute (final String key, final String value)
void setMathElement (final int index, final MathMLElement newElement)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Static Package Attributes

static final String ATTR_COLUMNALIGN = "columnalign"
static final String ATTR_GROUPALIGN = "groupalign"
static final String ATTR_ROWALIGN = "rowalign"

Private Member Functions

void addColumnLines (final LayoutInfo info, final List< Float > columnwidth, final float verticalShift, final float height, final LayoutContext now)
void addFrame (final LayoutInfo info, final float width, final float verticalShift, final float height, final LayoutContext now)
void addRowLines (final LayoutInfo info, final LayoutInfo[] rowInfos, final int rows, final float width, final LayoutStage stage, final LayoutContext now)
List< Float > calculateBasicColumnWidth (final LayoutView view, final LayoutStage stage, final int rows, final List< LayoutableNode >[] mtdChildren)
List< LayoutableNode >[] createListOfMtdChildren (final LayoutableNode[] rowChild, final int rows)
LineType getColumnLine (final int col)
LineType getFrameAsLineType ()
float getFramespacingh (final LayoutContext now)
float getFramespacingv (final LayoutContext now)
HAlign getHAlign (final JEuclidElement n, final int col)
LineType getRowLine (final int row)
float getSpaceAfterColumn (final LayoutContext now, final int col)
String getSpaceArrayEntry (final String string, final int index)
VAlign getVAlign (final JEuclidElement n, final int row)
float layoutColumnsHorizontally (final LayoutView view, final LayoutStage stage, final LayoutContext now, final int rows, final List< LayoutableNode >[] mtdChildren, final List< Float > columnwidth)
void makeEqual (final List< Float > columnwidth)
void setRowWidth (final LayoutStage stage, final LayoutInfo[] rowInfos, final int rows, final float totalWidth)
float shiftTableVertically (final LayoutStage stage, final LayoutContext context, final Graphics2D g, final LayoutInfo[] rowInfos, final int rows, final float height)
void stretchAndAlignMtds (final LayoutView view, final List< LayoutableNode >[] mtdChildren, final LayoutInfo[] rowInfos, final int rows, final LayoutStage stage)

Static Private Attributes

static final String ATTR_ALIGN = "align"
static final String ATTR_ALIGNMENTSCOPE = "alignmentscope"
static final String ATTR_COLUMNLINES = "columnlines"
static final String ATTR_COLUMNSPACING = "columnspacing"
static final String ATTR_COLUMNWIDTH = "columnwidth"
static final String ATTR_DISPLAYSTYLE = "displaystyle"
static final String ATTR_EQUALCOLUMNS = "equalcolumns"
static final String ATTR_EQUALROWS = "equalrows"
static final String ATTR_FRAME = "frame"
static final String ATTR_FRAMESPACING = "framespacing"
static final String ATTR_MINLABELSPACING = "minlabelspacing"
static final String ATTR_ROWLINES = "rowlines"
static final String ATTR_ROWSPACING = "rowspacing"
static final String ATTR_SIDE = "side"
static final String ATTR_WIDTH = "width"
static final String DEFAULT_COLUMNSPACING = "0.8em"
static final String DEFAULT_FRAMESPACING = "0.4em 0.5ex"
static final String DEFAULT_ROWSPACING = "1.0ex"
static final Log LOGGER = LogFactory.getLog(Mtable.class)
static final long serialVersionUID = 1L
static final String VALUE_AUTO = "auto"
static final String VALUE_DASHED = "dashed"
static final String VALUE_NONE = "none"
static final String VALUE_SOLID = "solid"


class  VAlign

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