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org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLTableCellElement Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLTableCellElement:

org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLPresentationContainer org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLPresentationElement org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLContainer org::w3c::dom::mathml::MathMLElement net::sourceforge::jeuclid::elements::presentation::table::Mtd

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Detailed Description

This interface extends the MathMLPresentationContainer interface for the MathML table or matrix cell element mtd.

Definition at line 31 of file MathMLTableCellElement.java.

Public Member Functions

void deleteArgument (int index) throws DOMException
void deleteDeclaration (int index) throws DOMException
MathMLElement getArgument (int index) throws DOMException
MathMLNodeList getArguments ()
String getCellindex ()
String getColumnalign ()
String getColumnspan ()
MathMLDeclareElement getDeclaration (int index) throws DOMException
MathMLNodeList getDeclarations ()
String getGroupalign ()
boolean getHasaligngroups ()
String getHref ()
String getId ()
String getMathElementStyle ()
MathMLMathElement getOwnerMathElement ()
String getRowalign ()
String getXref ()
MathMLElement insertArgument (MathMLElement newArgument, int index) throws DOMException
MathMLDeclareElement insertDeclaration (MathMLDeclareElement newDeclaration, int index) throws DOMException
MathMLElement removeArgument (int index) throws DOMException
MathMLDeclareElement removeDeclaration (int index) throws DOMException
MathMLElement setArgument (MathMLElement newArgument, int index) throws DOMException
void setClassName (String className)
void setColumnalign (String columnalign)
void setColumnspan (String columnspan)
MathMLDeclareElement setDeclaration (MathMLDeclareElement newDeclaration, int index) throws DOMException
void setGroupalign (String groupalign)
void setHref (String href)
void setId (String id)
void setMathElementStyle (String mathElementStyle)
void setRowalign (String rowalign)
void setRowspan (String rowspan)
void setXref (String xref)

Package Functions

String getClassName ()
int getNArguments ()
String getRowspan ()

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